Sellers' Last-Minute Showing Prep Tips

Copyright (c) 2014 Jim Gilbert, The Gold Homes Team

Tuxedo AgentYour odds of getting a good offer from the people whose agent  who just called to schedule a showing of your home can be improved by some simple steps.

1. Leave, and take Fido with you.  Buyers want to see how big your closets, pantry and laundry room are, but they will be too embarrassed to open these doors to look with you watching.  Having a dog barking somewhere in the house seriously distracts the buyers and agent from focusing on the house's best features.

2. Clear the table, counters, and sink. Get those unwashed dishes in the dishwasher and empty the trash. You don't want the visual or olfactory reminders of the smells of the fish, curry, or kimchi you had for dinner overwhelming the buyers.

3. Get the beds made and the clothes off the floors, even in the teenager's room.<

4. Put any loose flyers, trash or litter from your front yard, walk, or doorway in the trash.

Music5. Put some smooth music on at background level.

6. Do NOT turn on 6 scent dispensers. 1 is plenty. Buyers tend to think you are trying to hide something.

7. Make sure there's nothing highly valuable or dangerous within sight. Now is not the time to leave your prescription of Oxycontin, your bag of medicinal marijuana, your hand-loaded shotgun shells for your pheasant gun, your just-sharpened K-bar knife, your stock certificates, or your cash sitting on the dresser.

9. If there are "land mines" of dog excrement in the back yard pick them up into plastic bags and put them in the trash.  Otherwise you can be sure that the buyer's 4-year old will go running out there and step in them.