My Agent Won't Show Me a House Without Making Me Sign Something!

Copyright (c) 2014 Jim Gilbert

People shopping for homes often start out online and/or visiting Open Houses.  No signature of any document is required for such viewings.  

Frequently you'll find a home online and no Open House is scheduled at a time you can attend.  So perhaps you may decide to contact an agent to have them arrange a private showing.  Realtor

Most people expect to deal with some sort of engagement-establishing document in order to have an agent make an offer for them.  Most people do not expect to need to deal with such a document just to see a house!  When the agent asks for a signature you may think, "They're trying to rope me in and tie me down!"

The act of showing a property that is not an Open House and not the agent's own house is legally an act of real estate brokerage requiring a real estate license.  As of July 1, 2012 the Virginia legislature clarified the law requiring that no act of real estate brokerage can be performed by a licensed agent without a written document establishing the terms of the brokerage engagement.

Agents complained loudly, because most prospective tenants or buyers asked to sign a legal-looking form in order to gain entry to a listed home for a private showing feel that the request is premature.

The law protects you from having an agent do something for you and then discovering later on that you may owe them a fee if you decide to make an offer on the propertly.

The Gold Homes Team uses simple one-page forms allowing you to choose whether we represent you (most people's choice) or the sellers (not too smart).  Either way our commission will be paid by the seller/landlord, not you!

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